First Flight Bicycles

It is best to bring your bike into the shop so we can see it in person and fairly evaluate it at no charge.

Have cycling stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of but it’s still hanging around in your basement or garage? Want a new bike but don’t want the hassle of selling your old one? First Flight’s eBay service is the solution.

Let First Flight sell your used cycling items for store credit or cash in your pocket.

We do it all: Thoroughly clean and inspect all items Produce high-quality photographs Create the eBay listing and starting price Answer inquiries Box and ship items when sold Process incoming funds and fees

What we sell: Road bikes < 10-yrs old (Campy, SRAM, Shimano 105 and up) Mountain bikes < 5-yrs old (SRAM or Shimano LX, XT, XTR parts) Vintage bikes may be accepted (call for details) Components/Accessories Wheels Clothing in new/very good condition How Does It Work? Bring in your qualifying items to First Flight location. Each piece is entered in to the First Flight Bikes electronic system. You get an itemized receipt and are signed up for email notifications that keep you informed of the status of your items. Once the auction is complete, you get paid! If you choose store credit, the balance is deposited in to your store account. Store credit may be used at either Spirited Cyclist location and never expires. If you prefer cash, First Flight will mail you a check.

How Much Does It Cost? Both eBay and PayPal charge listing and processing fees. These run approximately 10% of the final auction sale price. In addition, depending on which option you choose, First Flight Bikes charges:

Store Credit Option: 10% commission Cash Option: 25% commission How Long Does It Take: It may take up to 6 weeks from item drop off until you receive your money. Here’s why:

Week 1: Item is received in to First Flight Bikes inventory. It is cleaned and professionally photographed. The auction listing is generated and goes live. Week 2-3: Auction is live for 2 weeks. Week 4-5: Once an item sells, there is a 14-day Money Back Return Policy for the auction winner. Week 6: Sale is complete- Store Credit or Cash is processed.

About First Flight Bikes

We are an eBay ‘Top Rated Plus’ and ‘Power Seller’ with over 1,500 ‘Excellent’ ratings. First Flight Bikes doesn’t believe in production auctions – listing an item for $.99 with quick snapshots and useless descriptions. This takes money out of your pocket. To ensure the maximum sale price, First Flight Bikes begins the auction at a higher starting selling price based on our industry and eBay knowledge. We research each item, determine an appropriate listing price, write a detailed description and take awesome photos. Typically, an auction will run for 7 days; however, experience has shown us that certain items, such as more esoteric bike parts, are better listed as ‘Buy It Now’ for a 30-day period. If an item fails to obtain any bids during the auction period, you are given the option to either have First Flight Bikes re-list the item for a lesser price or to end the auction.